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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  October 21, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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morning. i'm answering this week's ask allison question. it's a good relationship question. if you are wanting to know what she should do. her boyfriend has stopped giving her gifts. my thoughts coming up later. >> it's already prompted conversation. >> it's a very male/female type question. >> perhaps. >> perhaps or is it? >> tucker barnes may want to weigh in on it as well. now he's weighing in on the weather. >> you got it, tony. i may stay clear of that question. >> i suspected you would. >> yeah, after yesterday. temperatures generally in the 40s. hang in there, with sunshine building in during the course of the day, back in the low 60s. feel a little better, too, as less in the way of cloud cover. should be a nice fall afternoon and weekend. 49 now at reagan national. 49 baltimore. 46 winchester. even ocean city waking up to cool temperatures, 49 down at the boardwalk this morning. a few clouds out there at the
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moment. generally speaking, a partly sunny day today. i think less clouds than yesterday. that being said, won't see perfect sunshine as we have a few clouds rolling through from the north and west, as we continue to be under the influence of that area of low pressure across the great lakes. your forecast today, and again, should be a nice afternoon. 62 the daytime high in washington. 62 waldorf. cool night. and sunshine for the weekend. details on that in a couple of minutes. allison, back to you. tucker, thank you. people of libya celebrating the death of a dictator. around the world and even here in front of the white house, a crowd of libyans danced, waved flags, sang songs, thrilled that colonel muammar qaddafi is dead. he was killed by fighters in his home town of sirte. >> they killed him after a nato air strike targeted his convoy. more from sherri ly, she is following this story live in the newsroom. good morning. >> good morning.
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it is a new day for libyans. muammar qaddafi's rein of terror is over. his death was hardly dignified. the pictures may be disturbing to some, if you don't want to see them. now hopes of a peaceful transition begin. >> reporter: libyaen celebrated throughout the night the death of muammar qaddafi. in his final moments, he died much like he lived, violently. [sound of gunfire] >> reporter: after fleeing a nato attack on his convoy that included an american drone, the dictator was pulled from this sewer pipe in the town where he was born. >> wow. ha. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton stopped short of a victory dance. >> we came, we saw, he died. >> reporter: while the u.s. worked with libyan rebels to get rid of qaddafi, it's unclear if the goals of the two
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countries will mesh as well moving forward. >> libya will travel a long and winding road to full democracy. there will be difficult days ahead. >> reporter: the acting prime minister in libya says he will step down to make way for new leadership. but it's unclear who will take the reins, as fears of a civil war among libya's various factions threatens the country's future. >> looking ahead, we should do whatever is necessary to make sure the successor regime doesn't slide back into anti- western authorityism. >> reporter: qaddafi died begging for the life of himself and his son. he is expected to be buried in an unmarked grave, but that will be delayed due to an investigation of the circumstances of his death. >> qaddafi was hated for a lot of atrocities among his people, but he is behind one against
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americans. the bombing of pan am flight 103. >> audrey barnes spoke with two local mothers whose children were killed when the plane came down. >> coming home that day for christmas. >> reporter: elizabeth and her husband had driven to new york to pick up their son, nicholas, on december 21, 1988. he was one of 35 syracuse university students headed home, when pan am flight was blown out of the sky. >> it's still, to this day, how many years later, i still, one can't believe we went through this. >> reporter: qaddafi's death is welcome news. >> i'm very happy to say it may be the end of this vigil that we've had. >> reporter: that's how louise roger's family feels as well. it's about time her mother said
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by phone. she has no sympathy for qaddafi or hate either. hate doesn't get you anywhere, rogers says, but accountability does. my 20-year-old daughter didn't deserve to die that way, she says. >> it is the end of this particular chapter. >> reporter: while these mothers may never truly have closure after losing their children, elizabeth says this portrait nicholas took of himself on a mountain top was a sign to her he would be okay. it blew out of the plane, and landed in a farmer's field, completely untouched. almost heavenly sign from nicholas to his family to move on, she says. now that qaddafi is dead, they can. >> we're looking forward to seeing now what's going to happen if libya. but i'm glad he's gone. >> audrey barnes reporting on that emotional story. both moms said as hard as it is
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to admit they are glad qaddafi wasn't taken alive, so there's no martyrdom, it's over now. new this morning, a man has died after being stabbed in the ear. happened in the 1100 block of eaton road southeast. police were called to the scene around 11:00 last night. no word on any suspects. alexandria police investigating the first homicide of the year there. they say a 40-year-old man was shot after 10:00 last night. officers believe the suspect may have boarded a metro train at the braddock road station. they briefly stopped the train at reagan airport, but the search turned up empty and the suspect remains on the loose. murder on a metro bus and a possible break in the shooting. surveillance cameras caught two alleged suspects moments before the shooting. if you recognize them, police want to hear from you.
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it happened on a w 4 bus early yesterday near 23rd street and alabama avenue. the victim was a 23-year-old and was killed while on his way home from his fee unsay's house. alarming arrest at hood college in frederick, maryland. police say a man snuck into a student's dorm and was hiding in the women's rest room while one of the students was taking a shower. dorm staff found justin morgan hiding in a shower stall. he was arrested and faces numerous charges. morgan is being held on $25,000 bond. he is a resident of frederick, but he is not a student at hood. a maryland teenager is charged with helping a terror suspect known as jihad jane. the 18-year-old is a former high school honors student. agents arrested him in july. that's a picture of jihad jane you're looking at. investigators say he met her online when he was 15.
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the incident claims he helped raise money for her. she named herself jihad jane on a youtube video and pleaded guilty to four federal charges. biological terror, it gripped the d.c. region 10 years ago this weekend as the first of the anthrax victims died. >> two local postal workers were killed and the our mail changed forever. steve is back in studio now with more on this. >> been a decade since the attacks delivered fear to many americans. i say delivered because of the method used to spread it. the brentwood mail processing facility in northwest d.c. this morning workers have fathered for a prayer -- gathered for a prayer vigil. it was there letters laced with
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anthrax came through. the victims, 47-year-old joseph chris ene, and thomas morris, junior. the facility has been renamed in their honor. later today, about 20 minutes, and again at 4:00 this afternoon, there will be services held at the basilica at the national shrine in northwest d.c. the two men were exposed to the agent when the letters, including one addressed to senator dash el passed through the facility. the facility was closed for week as an investigation and cleaning took place. letters were also sent to several news organizations. in all, five americans were killed in the fall of 2001. ten years ago this weekend. in recent years, the fbi claimed they were able to pinpoint dr. bruce ivans as the suspect. he committed suicide though before charges could be brought against him. just last week the "new york
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times" reported on scientists who have cast doubt on whether ivans had high enough manufacturing skill to make the anthrax in 2001. allison? thank you, steve. maryland republican leaders are calling on the justice department to investigate a redistricting bill. the governor signed the legislation yesterday, laying out a new congressional district map. the new law adds a huge portion of heavily democratic montgomery county. opponents say it's all in an effort to oust bartlett and make it a safe district for democrats they allege. a vote in the senate overnight rejecting a jobs bill. president obama said he wants part of his proposal voted on separately. lawmakers took up a slimmed down bill aimed at helping local governments avoid layoffs of teachers and firefighters, but it failed, with republicans
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unanimously voting against this. workers continue to assess and repair earthquake damage at washington national cathedral. meantime, the mayor is asking for help on behalf of the cathedral. what he wants to do to help pay for the repairs. plus, the redskins' defensive line dealing with injuries, this as they get ready to take on the panthers this weekend. dave ross is up with the details next. all the deets. 9:10right now. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber? fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great.
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might not come as a surprise, but more people are struggling in the d.c. area because of the recession. apparently our region has it pretty good compared to the rest of the names. the washington region has the lowest poverty rate among major urban areas. about 8.5% of local residents lived in poverty in 2010,
9:15 am
compared to 6.8% in 2007, before the recession. still well below the national rate of 15%. moten has been a vocal critic of mayor gray and the d.c. council. he used to have a nonprofit, trying to stop gang violence. after he switches to the republican party today, he is planning to announce his run for the council from ward 7 tomorrow. today mayor gray will ask fema for disaster declaration for the district, to help pay for damage from the august earthquake. mayor gray made the announcement yesterday at the national cathedral. he's asking for $22 million. $15millionof that would go towards repairs. >> i look at this as one of our national treasures that really transcends our religion. i know there's concern about, you know, the state, you know,
9:16 am
the state religion issue, if you will. but i see that as not germaine in this incident. >> the other money from that request would be used for city government buildings damaged during the quake. the redskins hitting the field again on sunday. we're hoping for a better outcome this week. >> they take on the carolina panthers. semi dangerous panthers. dave ross joins us again. >> 1-5. look at it on paper, and go, they're not very good. played green bay, and green bay probably the best team in the league. they are dangerous. the cats have claws. >> at some point will start winning. >> number one pick in the draft
9:17 am
play like he has, numbers are pretty good. turned it over a little bit. we have a change in d.c. today. grossman turns over 11 times in five starts. it's too much. made the move now to john beck. what they are helping beck will do is what grossman they hope he doesn't do what gross man did, turn the ball over. he's going to run a lot this week, because their offensive line is in shambles. they'll use beck's mobility to buy more time. res is a drop back passer -- rex is a drop back passer pretty much. beck has the legs. slight step up in the pocket to buy an extra one or two seconds to let the receiver comes open. that's a big difference in the national football league. when it comes to beck this week, he'll have problems, because we have a shifting for
9:18 am
the offensive line. major, major issues with this line. first and foremost, corey, out for the rest of the year. that knee totally blown up right there. going to have surgery. he is out the rest of the year. trent williams on the left side at left tackle, he'll be out at least two or three weeks with a high ankle sprain. chris coolly, he might not play the rest of the season with the finger issue, and his knee which is still recovering. look at a guy like chris, as a tight end, he blocks on that offensive line, something he does well. fred davis is a great pass catching tight end. he'll have to block a little bit, especially with the problems we talked about at guard and at tackle. the tight end helps with the offensive line. beck will have some issues this week with that offensive line. you hope they can piece meal it
9:19 am
together and get ready for carolina. this is a game, if their season is going to continue on the right path, they have to get this win in carolina. >> i think the offensive line issue is the bigger deal of the two -- >> it is. we don't talk about it as much. >> i like chris coolly, i just don't hear anybody talking about this, broke his finger. >> right. >> i know he's got the knee injury. >> yes. >> it's the broken finger that has people saying he may be out for the year. >> combined with the knee. because-- >> tony romo played with public oured lung -- punctured lungs. >> right. the knee is a big deal. if the surgery goes well, which it did go well, don't know how many weeks to get back. recoup that knee at the same time, two birds and one stone here, you might shut him down. six-week injury with the finger, do the math, week 11, week 12.
9:20 am
maybe get him back later. don't want to rush that thing with the knee as well as the finger. let's get him back healthy. fred davis, this falls on davis now and paulison to step up. logan is a good blocker. fred is a great pass catcher. hoping that duo can fill the void. >> going to be a tough game. >> yep. >> shout out to the caps. 6-0. talked about them all morning. a franchise best with a win last night in philadelphia. >> going for seven. >> that's right. >> dave ross, thank you very much. appreciate it. here we go. just weeks after his death, we'll soon learn much more about the life of apple's cofounder steve jobs. details behind a new authorized biography after the break. plus, we have sent holly to the farm this morning to get ready for halloween. they are having a ball. >> reporter: we are having quite the pumpkin party, left
9:21 am
you. look at my carvers. they've been working nonstop since they saw you last. show them your work. they do carving demonstrations on the weekends here at cox farms, where we are live, and the biggest fall festival in the area is going on. meanwhile, my carvers have worked up quite the appetite. as a special treat from 1789, we have pumpkin doughnuts in the making. and we're going to do a little mom's pumpkin pie as well. we'll tell you how you can come out and have family fun yourself, it's all live later on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.   @
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because it is. welcome back. 9:24. the defense team expected to call their first witnesses today in the trial of dr. murray. meantime, earlier this week, more dramatic testimony. conrad murray's attorneys claim michael jackson swallowed propofol on his own. so the doctor did not cause his death. a medical expert testified that
9:25 am
the king of pop could not have killed himself by swallowing the drug. he has also said 17 violations of standard practices by murray put jackson's life at risk. >> i'm not giving you anything. you have a sleep disorder and you need to be evaluated by a sleep doctor. that's what a responsible doctor would do. >> the testimony of dr. schaffer has gone on a lot longer than a judge or anyone in the courthouse could have expected. by all accounts, that testimony has been extremely strong for the prosecution's case. allison? earthquakes out west yesterday, one in texas, a couple in san francisco. people south of san antonio say they felt the 4.6 tremor yesterday. no major damage nor injuries
9:26 am
were reported. a new tell all on steve jobs will be published monday. the authorized biography reportedly portrays him as a skeptic all his life, giving up religion because he was troubled by starving children and giving up surgery for acupuncture. the author conducted more than 40 interviews with jobs in over two years. will be a fascinating read. >> will be. it's a of courage by kids all over the country. we'll introduce you to a champion from here in our area. and miss america will join him to talk about this special program. also, tucker is back with a look at a very cool weekend forecast. hopefully in more ways than one, right? don't go anywhere. we're back after the break. 9:26.
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♪ look at these pictures. >> they're pretty. >> love it. >> mother nature, you go, girl. the seasons, they are a changing. check it out. skyfox over skyline drive in warren county this morning. you can see the trees changing colors. >> park ragers say in the middle of the park color changes at about 90%. lower elevations are at about 80%. rangers say this weekend, this weekend is the best time to get out there and take the drive to see the colors. i just love it. this is one of the great joys of living in this area. parts of the country that don't get much of this. >> true. >> skyfox hd. >> look at that. hd. >> really nice looking. >> yep. >> that is beautiful. >> this always reminds me, and i'm sure some guys may remember this, i used to have train sets when i was a kid, and they
9:31 am
would sell the trees. >> yeah. >> and you could get the different colored trees to look like that. >> they still have that stuff. >> really? >> hobby shops and stuff like that. >> been in a helicopter? >> no. i don't think i could handle it. >> i did better than i thought i would. >> is that right? i get sick in the car. >> so beautiful. >> i'll look at it. >> me, too. >> more on tap for this weekend, right? >> more nice weather? >> yes. >> absolutely. the perfect weekend to get out and do whatever you want to do. pumpkin patch. maybe rake a few leaves, tony. >> hey, you'll be able to do that. >> when you're tony, you don't have to rake leaves. my house, i rake leaves. 52 at reagan national. up from the 40s. 48 hagerstown and winchester. cool one today, but as you saw in the live shot, will be
9:32 am
beautiful. deck of clouds working through. 52 at reagan national. the winds, which were blowing pretty good yesterday, have lightened up a little bit. last look, winds out of the west at 8 miles per hour. yesterday they gusted to about 37. lighter winds and mix of clouds and sun. 9-mile-per-hour winds out in baltimore. not a lot to show you. a little bit of cloud deck trying to work in. i think peeks of sunshine in the mountains, north and west. in washington, partly sunny. beautiful weekend. towards chicago, kentucky, indiana, ohio, quiet conditions. high pressure will build through. lots of sunshine the next several days, with temperatures just a little bit on the cool side. should be in the mid- to upper 60s. later this afternoon, lower 60s. partly sunny skies. cool afternoon. a beautiful day. wind out of the west at 5 to
9:33 am
10. cool tonight. overnight lows in the 40s. 30s to the north and west. temperatures in the mid-60s. should be sunshine both days and gradual warmup, i think near 70 by wednesday. might be a few rain showers by tuesday night and wednesday. you can see the next five days perfect. october a nice month. that's a look at weather. tony, over to you. thank you very much. you can see mickey and minnie mouse any time at disney world. not every day you run into miss america there. teresa scanlan joining us from there with a special guest, one of whom has been named a champion by the children's miracle network. we have alexander joining miss america. and his sister, tess. all of you, hello. miss america, good morning to you. >> hello. thank you so much for having us. >> we're thrilled. i'm going to come to you in just a moment. i want to say to alex and tess,
9:34 am
you've been on this show, we've met before right at children's hospital. good to have you guys back. how are you? >> you guys have met them before? >> yeah. >> all right. >> this is very, very exciting. miss america, tell us what is going on and what this whole champions program is with the children's miracle network. >> basically champions means that all of them were chosen to represent their state. tess and alexander are the champions for washington, d.c. they represent the district. a small representation really of the thousands of children being treated by children's hospitals across the country. there's a champion for each state. we're here in disney together this week. we get to spend the week, having a wonderful time. and we're all going up to washington, d.c. actually in a couple of days together. it's been wonderful to meet all of them. they've been doing a fabulous job representing their state. >> alexander, tell me what have
9:35 am
you been doing down there? >> let's see, well, yesterday i went and, well, we rode toy story ride. [inaudible] >> what did tess say? >> rode peter pan -- >> and my favorite ride was peter pan's flight. and on the pirate ship -- [inaudible]. >> oh, my goodness. >> we're glad you guys are having a good time there. miss america, how many -- put some of this in perspective for us. i think there are 54 different champions from around the country, is that right? >> right, absolutely. there's 170 children's hospitals across the country. many of them, there's multiple in states, all local. then there's a champion from every single state and the district of columbia, all here. this week is kind of the
9:36 am
kickoff for their year, representing their respective states. also at times you get the sponsors and supporters together to talk about things that we can continue to do to strengthen the program in supporting children's miracle network hospitals. so many incredible sponsors who care about these kids and want to make a difference. there has been so much going on, and it's truly amazing. to meet tess and alexander as representatives of the incredible things happening, they're treated at their children's hospitals near d.c. >> you mentioned earlier that the whole group is coming to d.c. at some point. are you going to get a tour of the white house, take a cruise up the potomac river. alexander, been to the white house before? >> no. i just want to cut something in. >> sure. >> the way i think of it, it's not there's one champion that
9:37 am
represents children. it's that all the champions that go to the hospitals get a turn representing the hospital, because everybody who helps children is a true champion. >> i think -- [inaudible] -- they're nice there. >> that's right. every kid that goes there is a champion, huh? that's right. absolutely. >> well said, all of you. tess, alexander, miss america, thank you all for joining us this morning. well put. it's all about supporting the children's miracle network. good luck to you and see you when you get back here to washington, d.c. >> thank you so much. >> that's great. thank you. they are growing. one of those mornings when we were out at children's hospital with them, we had alexander and tess. both being treated for different kinds of cerebral palsy. they're out there at the hospital quite a bit. they're great young kids. >> yeah. >> good for them.
9:38 am
>> little spokes people. coming up next, we will answer ask allison this week. it is a favorite, relationship question. a woman upset that gifts from her boyfriend seemed to have stopped coming. what should she do? my thoughts, next.  
9:39 am
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♪ tell me something good ♪ >> it's time to answer this week's ask allison question. she writes, my boyfriend and i have been together for seven years. recently the gifts have stopped coming. he hasn't purchased a gift for me in six months. i know finances are tough now for both of us, but he just bought himself new shoes, clothes and a watch. would it be too much for me to ask for a gift? that's the basic question. viewer, thank you for writing in. it is a great question. first of all, i wanted to say you go for your long running relationship. seven years is longer than a
9:42 am
lot of marriages last these days. you're obviously doing something right. so good for both of you. to your question, should you ask for a gift? here's the short answer, no. i can't think of any circumstance where it's acceptable to ask for a gift. a gift is by its definition, something unconditionally given to someone out of the kindness of their hearts. it shouldn't be given because you ask for it, right? come on. little gifts are sweet. and i get that. you shouldn't be expecting him to give you things to show he cares. it's nice, not necessary. now, your boyfriend did set a precident, though, by giving you gifts on a more frequent basis in the past. the question is, why has this stopped? what else has changed in your relationship? is he as attentive and caring as before? does he show you the same amount of love as in the past? you said he's buying things for himself in tough economic times. but the things he purchased basic items, shoes, clothes,
9:43 am
even a watch. necessary, right? he's not buying extravagant items. you've been together seven years. talk to him. find out if something has changed. you expect gifts because he gave you gifts. maybe his finances are leaner than you think, or maybe he doesn't know you expect them, or maybe he thinks you're unappreciative of the things you have and is turned off. don't make it about a material item. be concerned with what's behind him not giving you gifts, not the gift itself. you don't want to come out of as shallow, i know that. but it is bothering you, so ask him if he's happy, if everything is okay. better yet, how about you buy him a little surprise gift? maybe he'll remember the excitement it brings to get something unexpected on a day other than a birthday or special occasion. my advice. good luck to you. >> i like that advice. i'm glad you said what you said at the end. the one thing that was left out of that question was, was she
9:44 am
buying -- did she buy him gifts? is she still attentive? it's a two-way street. >> we have to be realistic and honest about relationships. i've been married 12 years, you've been married longer. it is nice, but at the end of the day, life isn't just about these gifts. it's about so much more. if he's showing you consideration and love and kindness, that's what is important. >> those are the important things. >> yeah. >> very good. >> a trinket is nice, don't get me wrong. >> i know. i got you something. >> you did? >> a nice highlighter. >> if you have a question for me, head to i will cherish this, because it's the thought that counts. click on the morning tab for a link to ask allison. holly is live at cox farms this morning getting the details behind this year's festival. >> she's talking everything pumpkin and mr. tell the field of fear next. don't go anywhere. state farm. this is jessica.
9:45 am
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cox farm fall festival is one of the largest in virginia, with more than 90 acres of family fun. >> holly morris is out in centreville, virginia today to learn more about the festival. >> reporter: i think we've done a pretty good job of convincing you to come out. just in case you might still have a doubt, guess who came last weekend? sasha and malia. good enough for the president's kids, should be good enough for you, right? lucas is the director of operations. how was it when the president's kids came? >> it was great. if you didn't know who you were looking for, you didn't know they were here. >> reporter: did you wear the suit coat when they came? you've taken it to a new level. >> that's right. >> reporter: classed up the joint. >> working man. >> reporter: you have made something fun for older kids. it's a night time adventure.
9:49 am
tell me about the field of fears. >> when the sun goes down, the monsters come out. it's a really fun, scary night time thing. we have the dark side hay ride and fire grounds. >> reporter: we went through it a little bit this morning, because i can only handle it when the sun is up. scary? >> it will scare your pants off. >> reporter: there you have it. need you say more. >> gets bigger ask better every year, we try. >> reporter: next year i expect the full tux, just so you know. >> all right. >> reporter: we've been working hard here this morning. i haven't been alone. i've had my pumpkin experts that have been here. we picked pumpkins, carved pumpkins. are you hungry. >> yeah. >> reporter: i think i know the person that might can help us. this is avis with mom's apple pie. if you know anything about pies, they make the best. don't be afraid of the table. we're talking pumpkin pie here.
9:50 am
the key to good pumpkin pie? >> good pumpkin squash. the sunshine variety is extremely flavorful of the this is what we cook to make our pie. we mix it up with a little bit of butter nut and and neck pumpkin. >> reporter: did you know there were so many pumpkins that went into a pie? >> no. >> reporter: i didn't either. >> only for the best pies. >> reporter: making your own pie at home, your one secret tip? >> to use a fresh pumpkin. it doesn't take very long. slice it, scoop out the seeds to roast later, pop it in a blender and use that instead of the canned. >> reporter: never seen the fresh ones in a can like on aisle 7 at the store. >> yeah. keep looking, holly. >> reporter: want to try some? who wants to try some pie? if you don't want to, that's okay. you sell your pies here at the festival? >> we do sell our pies at the
9:51 am
festival. >> reporter: excellent. let's take a bite. let's see what we think. you don't want one either? what about this? the girls like the pies and the boys are nonpie eaters. taste good? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> reporter: pretty good? >> yeah. >> reporter: you think you have room for something else? >> yeah. >> reporter: good, because i have someone else cooking. boys, maybe you'll like this. this is mallory and rebecca, with 1789. mallory is a pastry chef. they came out here to make pumpkin doughnuts for us. take us through the process. >> it's really easy. anybody who doesn't bake at home, this is a fail proof recipe. >> reporter: fail proof, okay. >> i promise. flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, all your spices. little baking powder and baking soda. put into a bowl. add eggs, buttermilk, pumpkin puree and melted butter and sugar. >> reporter: got all this? able to do this? >> no. >> reporter: yeah, right. >> roll it out on a floured surface to about half an inch.
9:52 am
rebecca is showing you, take cutters, cut it out to any desired shape. you can make pumpkins, christmas trees, any shape you want to. >> reporter: put them in the deep fryer? seems to be a certain temperature? >> yeah, 325 degrees. >> reporter: then dip them in the topping. >> yep. this is powdered sugar with apple cider. >> reporter: oh, that smells good. >> have fun. dip it in sprinkles. >> reporter: boys, do you think you could try a doughnut for me? oh, come on. >> they're good, i promise. >> reporter: the girls will have to show you up again. i thought that might work. before we go, take one. is our web site. we have a link to cox farms. fall festival runs through october 31st. then the next weekend, they have their pumpkin madness, where they get rid of all the pumpkins that are rotting and everything. what do you think? >> it's good. >> i like it. >> reporter: you like it.
9:53 am
i like you guys. this is the most fun pumpkin party i've had. back to you in the studio. these are to die for, by the way. >> i've been to that one. >> that's cool stuff. >> those look good. >> thanks, holly. one more check on your weekend forecast is coming up. and a marching band battle, yes a battle of marching bands taking place here in our area and we'll get a live performance next. don't go anywhere. ♪  my name is ashley.
9:54 am
i was using cascade actionpacs. they just didn't have that spot free look. when i took the finish challenge, i could tell there was a difference. my dishes had a shine on them. i'm moving on to finish quantum. take the finish challenge for yourself. if you don't see a difference, it's free.
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9:56 am
some of the best marching bands in the area will be battling at austin hill high school in the tenth annual marching band invitational tomorrow. walter, good morning. thanks for joining us. good to see you. >> good morning. good to see you. >> i know it's a big deal.
9:57 am
it's the tenth annual event. tell us what will go on tomorrow. >> tomorrow we're going to have several high school marching bands from around the area, local regions, that will be performing for a grand championship here at oxon hill high school. we put it on every year. it's an exciting day. all family members are welcome to attend. special guests morgan state university marching band. they'll be a part of the event. looking for a wonderful time tomorrow. >> how is the competition this year? a lot of great bands? >> a lot of great bands. lot of great bands. we'll have millford mill academy, here in prince george's county, northwestern high school. we're having a lot of great bands that will be here tomorrow. >> one of the other reasons you want people to come out is to get them, their kids interested in band and what it could do for them, correct? >> yes. if kids get involved in instrumental music, whether elementary, middle school or high school, this will help stimulate the mind, raise
9:58 am
s.a.t. scores, math and reading scores. the arts is something we really, really need to continue to develop here. not only in prince george's county, but in every school system. >> who is the defending champion? >> e.e. smith high school the defending champion from north carolina. >> they'll be there tomorrow? >> many of them. >> the event is tomorrow from 11:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. at oxon hill high school stadium. no charge for kids five and under. can you play something for us? >> oh, yes. >> let's hear it. ♪
9:59 am
>> the oxon hill marching band. that music evokes the season. >> oh, yes. >> tck


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